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Final 2019 Election Results

The ballots are in and the votes have been counted in PEI's annual board election for 2019. This year corporate members voted for officers from the odd-numbered districts and Service & Construction division. 

We thank each and every one of the candidates for their willingness to serve and support of the association. To learn more about the PEI election process and next year's election visit

The new officers for 2019 are...

  • Distributor District 1
    James Ether, R.M. Dalrymple Co., Saratoga Springs, New York
  • Distributor District 3
    Kevin Cormier, K.C. Petroleum Inc., Jacksonville, Florida
  • Distributor District 5
    Mainor Reyes, Reyes Rep Gas, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Distributor District 7
    Brian Travis, Eaton Sales & Service, Denver, Colorado 
  • Distributor District 9
    Derek Rethmeier, Western Pump Inc., San Diego, California
  • Manufacturer District 11
    Kirby Corkill, Jarvis Lighting, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • Manufacturer District 13
    Dave Duncan, IRPCO, Charleston, West Virginia
  • Service & Construction Division
    Ryan Harrigan, Compliance Testing and Technology Inc., Saukville, Wisconsin

They will officially assume their roles on October 3, during the annual membership meeting in Atlanta.