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File Transfer Update

Jan 3, 2016— Since this article was written we've rolled out a new in-house soluton: PEI File Share

A new system for transferring large files has been introduced.

Used primarily by PEI advertising clients, the update allows files as large as 2GB to be easily transferred to Tulsa for use in print, video or digital creatives.

The new interface, powered by We Transfer, offers better usability and more relaible file uploads than the previous system. No account setup is required and there is no need for special software. The user simply visits the transfer link with any modern web browser and selects the file they need to send from their local computer, clicks a couple of settings, and commences the upload. If you can attach a file to an email, then you can use this new system.

When a file is too large to send via email another option must be employed. In the past sharing these large files required the use of File Transfer Prototocl (FTP) systems. But FTP is cumbersome, hard to use and exposes a server to additional security risks. 

To access the file upload utility go to