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Directory Pointers: Share Your Distribution Network

The PEI Directory is the most popular page on our website. It serves up thousands of searches each day to visitors seeking products, installation and services. This series aims to help PEI member companies make the most of their listing in the PEI Directory.

Manufacturer companies are listed in the PEI Directory, as any other company is. But there is another feature specific to companies in the Manufacturer Division we call Lines. Lines are used as a way to identify each of the manufacturers and brands in the Directory. This allows a company that distributes those products from a manufacturer to include them in their line listing


Let's say Acme Mfg has a distribution network of 10 Distributor Division member companies across the US. Those 10 companies will include "Acme" in their line listings. So now, when a potential customer searches our Directory for their nearest source for a widget from Acme Mfg they will find one of those distributors!

Click here for an example of a search I just performed– the manufacturer I randomly selected was Verifone.

All distributors are listed in alpha order by name. You'll also notice the form provides more options to help the user zero in on their state or country, etc. Now if you're a manufacturer this link would be a pretty snazzy way to promote your distribution network. But if you happen to work for someone other than Verifone...

  • Go to the Advanced Directory Search form.
  • Scroll down to the Lines section.
  • Choose your company from the dropdown.
  • Click the Search button...
  • Now copy the URL shown in your browser's address bar.

For our example above it looked like this:


The important part is l=Verifone 
That's what makes the magic happen. Your company's URL will look different of course, unless you happen to work for Verifone! 

Now you have a link you can use on your website, blog, email sig or social media to promote your company's distribution channel.


What if my company or brand isn't included in the Lines dropdown list?
That either means your company is not a current PEI member or not a Manufacturer Division member.

What if the search results don't include all my distributors?
The list will only include distributors who are current PEI members and have added your company to their Lines Listing. Those distributors must make those changes.

What if the link is broken or doesn't work?
The link will stop working if your company is no longer a member. Also make sure you copy/paste the entire link– including the http:// stuff.

Hope that's helpful. Happy surfing!