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Checkout: Check it Out

PEI's updated checkout experience offers more secure, convenient features for submitting payment. 

Save PaymentYour shopping cart security always has been a priority, but our new 128-bit encryption and gateway provider-hosted form further reduce the chance of someone intercepting your data.

You'll also notice a new option that makes future purchases and renewals easier.

Stored Payment Method

Using the Stored Payment Method option lets you save payment details for later use. This feature is available for credit card or eCheck (ACH) payments. Just log in and choose My Payment Methods from your account menu.

There is one limitation: If you use eCheck, remember to log in and set this up before making a purchase. Only credit cards can be saved during checkout (the video below explains the steps).

Is it safe?
This makes future transactions more secure. Instead of transmitting your complete charge card details through the ether for each transaction, only a token code is sent. This token on its own is basically worthless. 

So embrace the convenience of eCheck for purchases and event registration. If you notice things look a little different, you'll know it's our upgraded checkout system.