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Association Constitution and Bylaw Amendments

The 2019 PEI Strategic Long Range Plan, approved by the association’s board of directors on April 5, included an initiative to present to the PEI members proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws. The official representatives for each member company will be asked to vote on these amendments during the annual membership meeting on October 3 at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Atlanta.

The overall goal of the bylaw amendments is to provide for better representation of both the Distributor and Service and Construction divisions on the PEI board of directors. PEI currently has 462 distributor members and 464 service & construction members. The board of directors has nine seats for distributors and one for service and construction companies. To better represent both groups on the board, the official representatives of all PEI member companies present at the annual membership meeting will be asked to approve constitutional amendments that would:

  • allow both Distributor and Service & Construction members to run for the nine district board seats;

  • eliminate the Service & Construction board position; and

  • grant Service & Construction members the right to serve as officers.

To review the proposed amendments, please refer to the redlined version of PEI’s constitution and bylaws. An explanation of each amendment is outlined here.

The annual membership breakfast and meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. on October 3. A list of all convention sessions and speakers is available here.

Register for the PEI convention before Sept. 20 and save $150.