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2021 Young Executives "Winter" Conference

sponsored by Patriot Petroleum Solutions 


June 26-29 │ Ocean Reef Club │ Key Largo, Florida 

Sponsor │ See who came in 2020  


UPDATE* Due to an overwhelming response, conference registration is SOLD OUT and the waitlist is full. 


PEI Young Executives, the industry's most forward thinkers (ages 21-45), will spend two days alongside industry veterans and respected minds outside the industry who will interact as speakers, business mentors and leadership guides.  


2 p.m.                 Unofficial Excursion: Power Boat Poker Run optional
                           $350 per person │ 6 people per boat
                           — Details in conference registration confirmation
                           — Must have headcount by May 20   


6-9 p.m.              Beach Welcome Reception 
                           Social mixer sponsor: S. Bravo Systems Inc.


7-8 a.m.              Breakfast

7-8 a.m.              Welcome Station Sponsor: RDM Industrial Electronics

8-8:45 a.m.         OPENING SESSION

9-10:30 a.m.       SESSION & DISCUSSION: "They Say It Can't Be Done"
A condensed screening of this full-length documentary follows four entrepreneurs with ideas that could change the world. (If only outdated regulations, old school thinking and "but we've always done it this way" would get out of the way.)   

10:45 to 12:30    ROUNDTABLES

12:30 to 1:30      Lunch

1:30 to 3 p.m.     PANEL: "How to Survive the Family Business"
Members of the 2021 PEI Young Executives Committee will discuss organizational structure, succession planning, separation of power, and legacy vs. evolution. Get tips to gain clout outside the business when your last name is the brand ... and how to climb the ladder when you're not on the family tree.   

    MODERATOR: Steve Dixon
    President, PEI
    CEO, P.B. Hoidale

    Joe DiAndrea
    Business Infrastructure
    Island Pump & Tank Corp.

   Shannon Dulaney
   HR Manager
   RDM Industrial Electronics Inc.

   Tracy Emerson
   Vice President Sales Manager
   Petroleum Processing Solutions

   Micah Nelson
   Vice President Strategic Growth
   S. Bravo Systems  

   Brent Ruga
   Service Manager
   Spark Contractors                                 

 3 p.m.                Free Night  


8-9 a.m.               Breakfast

9-10 a.m.             EXECUTIVE DIALOGUE: "The Evolution of PEI and the Petroleum Equipment Industry"
PEI's executive leadership discusses lessons learned, trends and adaptive strategies the industry might pursue. Includes Q&A.   

    Steve Dixon
    President, PEI
    CEO, P.B. Hoidale

   Rick Long
   Executive Vice President
   General Counsel

10-11:30 a.m.      PANEL: "After 2021, Where's the Money in Fueling?"
Members of the PEI Young Executives Committee will explore post-2021 business opportunities. After the EMV deadline, what will be the next booms?   

Chris Giaume
GIR North America

 Pete Hojnowski
 Branch Manager
 E.O. Habhegger Co. Inc.

 Javed Surani          
 Your Environmental Specialist 

 Justin Whitfield
 Head of Growth Initiatives
 Canary Compliance


11:45 to 12:30       KEYNOTE: "Hydrogen Possibilities for Global Fueling"   

    Jillian C. Evanko (bio)
    President, CEO and Director
    Chart Industries Inc.


1 p.m.                      2021 YE Committee Meeting invitation only


*Conference attendees must stay on-site at Ocean Reef Club, per updated club COVID-19 policies. 


Ocean Reef Club