Crew Leaders - Columbia, SC

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Crew Leaders - Columbia, SC

Postby SandySamways » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:20 pm

SPATCO Energy Solutions Division specializes in all aspects of the petroleum industry including the installation and removal of above and below ground petroleum storage tanks, piping, setting dispensers and pumping units, as well as all aspects of these jobs including; concrete work, electrical, environmental cleanup, and disposing of the old equipment.


Coordinate job duties and delegate tasks to construction workers and sub-contractors. Be a leader.Monitor and maintain schedules for workmen and sub-contractors; make sure the best skills are applied by each workman and ensure product installation requirements are followed accurately and efficiently. Ensure all safe work practices are followed at all times. Ensure safe housekeeping practices are followed at all times, including job cleanup at the end of each day.Brief crew members on daily tasks and direct workmen on assigned tasks. Track rental equipment, material needs and use, monitor labor and sub-contractor costs to maintain project budgets. Verify accuracy and compliance of tasks in progress to comply with codes, project specifications and manufacturer requirements. Document daily activities, material/parts used, testing, inspections and visitors. Maintain product warranty documentation. Create and maintain positive working relationships with crew members, vendors, suppliers, and sub-contractors to maintain a timely flow of supplies, materials and sub-contractor work.Experience in the petroleum industry and product familiarity is a plus but not required. 40hr OSHA Hazwopper training, installer certifications in the industry, equipment operation experience is a plus.

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Equal Opportunity Employer --Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled/Drug Free Workplace

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