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TheTulsaLetter is the official newsletter of PEI and focuses on industry and association news. Regularly published by PEI since 1951, the TulsaLetter is relied upon by industry insiders for the latest information and updates on state and federal regulations, equipment standards, industry trends and personnel changes.

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Date Title In This Issue
July 22, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 14

Election Results: PEI Board of Directors, NCWM Annual Meeting, PEI Distributor Profitability Survey

July 09, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 13

CBO RFS Report, PEI Board Elections, Lift Standards Reaffirmed, SC Recess Appointments Unconstitutional

June 23, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 12

UNITI Expo a Success, Dick Piatchek's 50th Anniversary, In Memorium: Gerry McKay

June 12, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 11

Red Hill UST Leak, Gilbarco Buys ANGI, PEI Convention Registration, PEI Board Elections

May 29, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 10

EMV Advice For Retailers, Guardian Purchases JMP Solutions, Hess Sells to Marathon, Alternative Fuels: MN, IA, MO, CA

May 14, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 9

PEI Convention Registration Opens, Charles D. Kemp Scholarship Winners, Purchasing & Inventory Managers Conference, Missouri Proposes Changes to Air Regulations

April 29, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 8

PEI/RP1000 (Marina Installation) Revised, LNG/LCNG Installation Committee Seeking Members, PEI Women Committee Appointed, ETP (Sunoco) Acquires Susser (Stripes)

April 14, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 7

PEI Midyear Board Meeting, Future of Methanol, Discount for Cash Growing in U.S., Texas Stage II Decommissioning

April 04, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 6

EMV Gains Momentum, Debit Card Swipe Fees, RP700 to be Revised, 2014 PEI Directory

March 17, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 5

Business Conditions, EPA Issues Tier 3 Rule, March 31: Deadline for RP1400 Comments

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