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TheTulsaLetter is the official newsletter of PEI and focuses on industry and association news. Regularly published by PEI since 1951, the TulsaLetter is relied upon by industry insiders for the latest information and updates on state and federal regulations, equipment standards, industry trends and personnel changes.

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Date Title In This Issue
November 24, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 23

UST Program's 30th Anniversary, PEI's Young Executives Conference, Oklahoma's Proposed Tank Regulations

November 10, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 22

PEI Publishes RP For Emergency Generators, DEF Update, Two Diesel Fuel Reports

October 28, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 21

Fuel Supply: Then & Now, E15 Review Denied, New Alt Fuels Program in VA

October 15, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 20

2014 PEI Convention Summary, UST Rule at OMB, Regulatory Briefs: CA, MO, PA

September 25, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 19

Home Depot & EMV, PEI/RP700 Revised, 2015 RFS, Washington State Vapor Recovery Review

September 04, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 18

PEI Women: Accepting Members, 2014 RFS Requirements At OMB, LNG/CLNG Committee Appointed, PEI Convention Notes

August 19, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 17

RP 1500 Draft, PEI Board Elections, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Update, OPW Acquires Liquip

August 13, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 16

Convention Preview, Education, Networking, Trade Show

August 06, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 15

PEI Lobbying Policy, EPA Extends RFS Compliance Period, Service & Construction Managers Conference, PEI Service Manager Networking Groups

July 22, 2014 Vol. 64, No. 14

Election Results: PEI Board of Directors, NCWM Annual Meeting, PEI Distributor Profitability Survey

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