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RP1000: Marina Fueling Systems (2014 Edition)

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The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) has released the publication developed by the PEI Marina Fueling System Installation Committee entitled Recommended Practices for the Installation of Marina Fueling Systems, PEI/RP1000.


The purpose of the document is to provide a basic reference that conveys concrete, authoritative guidance on how to deal with the challenges of constructing safe, environmentally protective marina-fueling facilities that will allow reliable and economical service for many years.


These recommended practices apply to facilities that:

  • serve recreational, commercial, government facilities by storing and dispensing motor fuel into vessels,

  • have fixed, onshore storage tanks using submersible or suction pumps to move the fuel,

  • are located in fresh water or salt water, lake or river environments, stable or fluctuating water-level conditions, and along stable or fluctuating shorelines,

  • have underground or aboveground storage tanks,

  • have a dispensing device that is stationary or mobile (e.g., a hydrant-type system with a mobile fueling cart).


These recommended practices do NOT apply to the following:

  • facilities where the storage tanks are in, on, or over water (e.g., floating tanks, tanks located over water on piers or floating docks),facilities where the tank is mobile (e.g., on a truck).

  • facilities where the tank is mobile (e.g., on a truck).


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