PEI 10-Groups provide a format for executives of noncompeting distributor, service and construction, and affiliate member companies to meet, exchange ideas and gain new information in small, informal groups. Each 10-Group is comprised of executives representing companies from the same PEI membership division that are about the same size and engaged in the same type of operation.

Groups usually meet twice a year and pay their own expenses. These groups have been so well received that members have compared the value of their involvement in a 10-Group with having a panel of consultants on staff. So successful is the 10-Groups idea that it was recognized inThe Wall Street Journal and has been duplicated by other associations.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Speaker:  Randy Disharoon

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General Patton declared, “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way!” Randy Disharoon’s keynote address—entitled “Leaders Are Not Born. They Are Built!”—introduced the four phases of leadership development: Build Within, Build Around, Build Up and Build Out. Audience members left empowered to communicate a compelling vision, create a high-performance culture and sustain a winning pace. 

Disharoon's extensive background in distribution and manufacturing makes him uniquely qualified to address the issues that both types of organizations face in today's marketplace. He holds a B.S. in Engineering and two master’s degrees, including an MBA. At age 23, he was certified as a nuclear engineer. At 25, he was leading training courses for officers in the nuclear Navy. He was soon promoted to manager, overseeing the development of new courses for the Pentagon. 

He entered the private sector at 27 and immediately made an impact as director of operations with a distribution company, where his team increased overall profitability by 31%. From there, he moved into a technical sales role with an industrial manufacturer, where his first year yielded 27% growth. After several years in a row as a consistent quota buster, he was promoted to director of global accounts, where his team recently posted sales of 42% above budget.  Register online for the PEI show.

 If you are interested in becoming a PEI 10-Groups member, simply contact Bob Young at byoung@pei.org or 918-236-3966.

Quotes from PEI 10 Group Members:

It has helped me find ways to reduce expenses by following the lead of others that have faced similar issues before me. I have a better understanding of what it takes to grow my business by learning from bigger companies than mine. And it always reminds me that two heads are better than one, and 10 are even better yet. Teamwork works!

- Ben Stallings, Fatboy Electric

It can be pretty lonely at times operating your business, just you against a bunch of competitors. Are you sure you're doing everything you can to improve and grow? Being a part of a 10-Group can give you affirmation that you're on the right track and help you when you're not. And you might even make some friends along the way.

- Steve Trabilsy, President, Accurate Tank Technologies 

For me, being a 10-Group member made it possible to not only survive, but also to thrive and grow the business. My 10-Group members openly shared their knowledge about the industry and have continuously provided coaching and mentoring to this very day.

- Dennis Rethmeir, CEO Western Pump, Inc.

The biggest benefit I have experienced in being a member of a PEI 10-Group is the sharing of best practices for dealing with business challenges that we all face day to day. The open dialogue and the experiences of the combined group is invaluable. And the relationships I have forged over the years with fellow members are both personally and professionally rewarding.

- Joey Batchelor, President, Guardian Fueling Tchnologies

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